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company tournament 1995-1996

company tournament is a floorball cup for amateur floorball teams played in Kristiinankaupunki.

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08.02.2017 SC Saragoza

Games all played in the company tournament - champions this year are Muumilaakson Sankarit

Muumilaakson Sankarit defeated BR Oilers in the final game and RSV won the bronze medal game against Karijoki.

Kim took a couple of pics again, brilliant work:

06.02.2017 SC Saragoza

The company tournament finals are played tonight

Tonight the company tournament will be decided, when Muumilaakson Sankarit from Teuva faces BR Oilers in the final and Karijoki faces RSV from Närpiö in the bronce medal game. The bronce medal game starts at 19:40 and the final will be played 20:40. ...

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30.01.2017 SC Saragoza

Tonights games in the company floorball tournament - quarter- and semifinals

30.01.2017 $(document).ready(function(){ $(function(){ $("#matcher").tablesorter(); }); }); TimeHomeAway Score 19:40Karijoki-Hirvet 20:10Itäpuolen Erikoiset-RSV 20:40Muumilaakson Sankarit-Karijoki/Hirvet 21:10BR Oilers-Itäpuolen Erikoiset/RSV ...

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23.01.2017 SC Saragoza

Four games on the agenda tonight

23.01.2017 $(document).ready(function(){ $(function(){ $("#matcher").tablesorter(); }); }); TimeHomeAway Score 19:40Muumilaakson Sankarit-Hirvet 20:10BR Oilers-Itäpuolen Erikoiset 20:40RSV-Hirvet 21:10Karijoki-BR Oilers ...

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08.12.2016 SC Saragoza

Monday schedule in the Company Floorball Tournament

12.12.2016 TimeHomeAwayScore 19:30Hirvet-Karijoki 20:10Karijoki- Itäpuolen Erikoiset 20:40Itäpuolen Erikoiset-Hirvet 21:10Karijoki-BR Oilers The full schedule... 14.11.2016 $(document).ready(function(){ $(function(){ $("#matcher").tablesorter(); }); }); TimeHomeAway Score 19:30Hirvet-Karijoki2-8 20:00Karijok...

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05.12.2016 SC Saragoza

Four games on the schedule in the company floorball tournament tonight

05.12.2016 $(document).ready(function(){ $(function(){ $("#matcher").tablesorter(); }); }); TimeHomeAway Score 19:30Muumilaakson Sankarit-Hirvet20:00BR Oilers-Itäpuolen Erikoiset20:30RSV-Hirvet21:00Karijoki-BR Oilers   standings $(document).ready(function(){ $(function(){ $("#mytable").tablesorter(); }); });...

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05.12.2016 SC Saragoza

Four games on the schedule in the company floorball tournament tonight

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28.11.2016 SC Saragoza

Five games in the company floorball tournament

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22.11.2016 SC Saragoza

Two first rounds played in the company tournament

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21.11.2016 SC Saragoza

Tonight three games are on the schedule in the company tournament

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14.11.2016 SC Saragoza

The company tournament starts again

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zone 1

Sporting Lappfjärd210110 - 912
ABI-95210112 - 1202
Talas Team21016 - 7-12

zone 2

Liden 3220010 - 284
Dream Team Crazy Cat21013 - 5-22
Tjöck IK20022 - 8-60

zone 3

Sporting Lappfjärd440024 - 0248
Dream Team Crazy Cat43018 - 12-46
Lindell Company31116 - 18-123
Sideby United31027 - 11-42
Skollaget40048 - 12-40

zone 4

ABI-95431029 - 7227
Liden 3421119 - 21-25
Skaftung420214 - 954
Skjutglada Lärare411214 - 21-73
Seurakunnan Nuoret40136 - 24-181

zone 5

Talas Team330016 - 4126
Tjöck IK32017 - 8-14
Dagsmark310217 - 1342
Kristina Keittiö21019 - 902
Jyllinkosken Sähkö30033 - 18-150


Dream Team Crazy Cat-Skollaget3-2
Seurakunnan Nuoret-Skaftung2-5
Dagsmark-Talas Team2-5
Skjutglada Lärare-Liden 35-7
Sideby United-Lindell Company
Jyllinkosken Sähkö-Kristina Keittiö
Skollaget-Sporting Lappfjärd
Dagsmark-Tjöck IK
Liden 3-Tjöck IK6-1
Sporting Lappfjärd-Talas Team1-3
Dream Team Crazy Cat-Liden 31-4
ABI-95-Talas Team6-3
Dream Team Crazy Cat-Tjöck IK2-1
Sporting Lappfjärd-ABI-959-6
Talas Team-Liden 35-3
ABI-95-Sporting Lappfjärd
Sporting Lappfjärd-Lindell Company13-0
ABI-95-Seurakunnan Nuoret12-0
Dagsmark-Jyllinkosken Sähkö10-1
Dream Team Crazy Cat-Sideby United2-1
Skjutglada Lärare-Skaftung1-9
Kristina Keittiö-Talas Team
Sideby United-Skollaget6-4
Skaftung-Liden 30-6
Talas Team-Tjöck IK6-0
Sporting Lappfjärd-Dream Team Crazy Cat6-0
Seurakunnan Nuoret-Skjutglada Lärare0-3
Dagsmark-Kristina Keittiö5-7
ABI-95-Skjutglada Lärare5-5
Lindell Company-Dream Team Crazy Cat3-3
Jyllinkosken Sähkö-Talas Team2-5
Lindell Company-Skollaget3-2
Liden 3-Seurakunnan Nuoret4-4
Kristina Keittiö-Tjöck IK2-4
Sporting Lappfjärd-Sideby United5-0
ABI-95-Liden 312-2
Jyllinkosken Sähkö-Tjöck IK0-3






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