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Hans-Henrik Nordström

Hans-Henrik Nordström


Hans-Henrik played his first season 2002-2003. During the 6 seasons he has spent with SC Saragoza he has played 76 games, scored 7 goals, assisted on 11 and spent 10 minutes in the penaltybox.


The earliest goal Hans-Henrik has scored came 10:26 (10.12.2017 SC Saragoza-SB Kauhajoki II 5-2) into the game, and the latest goal he has scored came at 32:42 (11.02.2017 Mousetrap-SC Saragoza 4-7). In one single game, his scoring record is 1 goals (10.12.2017 SC Saragoza-SB Kauhajoki II 5-2), and he has a record of giving 2 assists (06.11.2016 FBC Asteroids-SC Saragoza 6-17). The record for points is 2 and he has spent a maximum of 4 minutes in the box in one game (18.12.2016 Sparta-SC Saragoza 2-2). Hans-Henrik has scored in 4 games, and assisted in 8 games, and produced points in 12 games. In addition to that, Hans-Henrik has been penalized in 4 games.


Out of these goals he has scored 1 in the first period, 2 in the second period and 1 in the third period. The assists have been given accordingly: 6 in the first period, 1 in the second period and 3 in the third period. The points have distributed themselves in the following way: In the first period he has produced 7 points, whereas he has produced 3 points in the second period and 4 points in the third period. The penalties have been handed out to Hans-Henrik accordingly: 2 in the first period, 3 in the second period and 0 in the third.

Finnish Floorball Federation statistics

In one season (Finnish Floorball Federation games only) he has recorded 18 appearances, scored 2 goals, given 4 assists and spent 4 minutes in the penaltybox.

practice games statistics

Throughout the years, a lot of practice games have been played, corresponding stats for these games are presented here. The record for games played during one season that Hans-Henrik has played is 4, where he has scored 2 goals, assisted on 1 goals and spent 0 minutes in the penaltybooth.


Statistics according to category

SSBL68 5+10=15100.220.15
Practice games5 2+1=300.600.00
Total76 7+11=18100.240.13

Statistics per season

2017-201821 1+3=400.190.00
2016-201716 1+4=540.310.25
2004-20058 1+0=120.130.25
2003-200416 2+3=540.310.25
2002-200315 2+1=300.200.00
Total76 7+11=18100.240.13

Statistics per season and category

2017-2018Suomen Cup3 0+0=000.000.00
2017-2018SSBL18 1+3=400.220.00
2016-2017SSBL16 1+4=540.310.25
2004-2005SSBL6 1+0=120.170.33
2004-2005SSBL2 0+0=000.000.00
2003-2004SSBL12 2+2=440.330.33
2003-20044 0+1=100.250.00
2002-2003SSBL14 0+1=100.070.00
2002-20031 2+0=202.000.00
Total76 7+11=18100.240.13

Pictures of Hans-Henrik

Kim Hammarberg gjorde mål och gratuleras här av Jani Korpi, Mats Backlund och Hans-Henrik Nordström. Men det blev inga poäng för Saragoza i Kristinahallen. Foto Janne Smeds
Segergossarna i SC Saragozas sählyturnering, Mikael Nordbäck, Richard Lähteenmäki, Jonas Smeds, Janne Smeds och coachen Hans-Henrik Nordström med bucklan.
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