Blue Fox - SC Saragoza 5-2 (1-2, 2-0, 2-0)

A-J Areena, Kauhava

On Saturday 05.12.2009 at 11:59 Blue Fox and SC Saragoza played against eachother in A-J Areena, Kauhava.

SC Saragoza has faced Blue Fox 7 times in games played in series facilitated by the Finnish Floorball Federation. Out of these games SC Saragoza has won 3 games, tied 1 game and lost 3.

SC Saragoza's goaltender in this game was Jessica Bårdsnes, who made 0 saves and allowed 5 goals.

0-1 came 00:42 into the game, scored by Sarah Wikman, assisted by Ida Landgärds. 1-1 came at 04:23, scored by Sofia Calden, assisted by Tove Sundsten. 1-2 came 14:43 into the game, scored by Tanja Selimaa, assisted by Sarah Wikman. 2-2 came at 20:08, scored by Kajsa Ojala, assisted by Maria Hillberg. 3-2 came at 24:30, scored by Michelle Björkholm, assisted by Sofia Calden. 4-2 came at 37:44, scored by Simone Blom, assisted by Maria Hillberg. 5-2 came at 42:51, scored by Anna Nylund, assisted by Maria Hillberg.

The following players played for SC Saragoza in this game:

Jessica Bårdsnes, Linda Dahlmars, Tanja Selimaa, Susanne Öström, Iida Laine, Satu Dahlgren, Sarah Wikman, Malin Ingves, Ida Landgärds,

Player leaderboard

16 Sarah Wikman 1+1=2
4 Tanja Selimaa 1+0=1
73 Ida Landgärds 0+1=1

Penalized players

Match pictures


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