NJ - SC Saragoza 6-1 (3-0, 2-0, 1-1)

Ilmajokihalli, Ilmajoki

On Saturday 08.10.2011 at 11:00 NJ and SC Saragoza played against eachother in Ilmajokihalli, Ilmajoki.

SC Saragoza has faced NJ 11 times in games played in series facilitated by the Finnish Floorball Federation. Out of these games SC Saragoza has won 5 games, tied 2 games and lost 4.

SC Saragoza's goaltender in this game was Jessica Wikman, who made 0 saves and allowed 6 goals.

1-0 came at 08:33, scored by Hanna-Reetta Haikola, assisted by Anna Kulmala. 2-0 came at 08:53, scored by Maija-Kaisa Välimäki, assisted by Johanna Moijanen. 3-0 came at 13:14, scored by Sanna Suihkonen, assisted by Taina Kössi. 4-0 came at 18:10, scored by Sonja Lähdesmäki, assisted by Terhi Koskilammi. 5-0 came at 18:34, scored by Sinikka Heimovirta, assisted by Sanna Suihkonen. 6-0 came at 32:35, scored by Taina Kössi, assisted by Terhi Koskilammi. 6-1 came 42:34 into the game, scored by Jessica Hietikko, assisted by Pia-Maria Pihlaja.

The following players played for SC Saragoza in this game:

Jessica Wikman, Pia-Maria Pihlaja, Emilia Heikinmäki, Susanne Öström, Iida Laine, Jessica Hietikko, Sarah Wikman, Sofie Rönnqvist, Pauliina Mäkelä,

Player leaderboard

9 Jessica Hietikko 1+0=1
2 Pia-Maria Pihlaja 0+1=1

Penalized players

4 Susanne Öström 2 min

Match pictures


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