The women’s team won one game and tied the other and will be promoted to the second division

Celebrating a promotion is nothing that this club does every year, quite the opposite, but this year we can celebrate – as the women’s team placed second in their division and will be promoted to the second division! In their first game of the day, the women’s team defeated Nurmon Jymy by 6-1 (scoresheet). When SB Kauhajoki and KauWi played a draw the promotion was definite already before the last game of the season. In that game Nibacos managed to tie the game and hence SC Saragoza ended up second (scoresheet) after SB Kauhajoki. Once again a big hand to all of the team!

Iida claimed the title for top scorer with her 34 points (23+11) while Amanda was the most penalized player with her 8 minutes.