Victory in the first practice game for the men’s team

The first practice game of the season was kind of an opening of the new floor in Kristiinahalli. The opponents from Jurva, SB Jytky, have always been hard to beat for the home team.

Already in the first minutes of the game, Jens Granqvist scored the opener in his comeback game, assisted by Kim Hammarberg.

The game was momentarily fully controlled by the home squad who pulled up a solid 7-1 lead.

After the first two periods (of four) the feelgood also started to show on the pitch. SB Jytky came closer, one goal after the other and was also very close to even up the game. A last effort extended the lead to 10-6 and as Jytky could not produce more than one reducer tha final score was 10-7. Jytky won the following penalty shootout.


  • 1-0 Jens Granqvist (Kim Hammarberg)
  • 1-1 SB Jytky
  • 2-1 Jani Korpi (Rasmus Pihlaja) YV
  • 3-1 Fredrik Sundell (Peter Söderlund)
  • 4-1 Richard Lähteenmäki (Peter Söderlund)
  • 5-1 Fredrik Sundell
  • 6-1 Nico-Petteri Saarela (Henrik Hakala)
  • 7-1 Jani Korpi (Nico-Petteri Saarela)
  • 7-2 SB Jytky
  • 7-3 SB Jytky
  • 7-4 SB Jytky
  • 7-5 SB Jytky
  • 7-6 SB Jytky
  • 8-6 Peter Söderlund (Nico-Petteri Saarela)
  • 9-6 Jens Granqvist
  • 10-6 Nico-Petteri Saarela (Mats Backlund)
  • 10-7 SB Jytky

Here is a short clip from the practice game, credits to Kim Hammarberg for filming and editing.