The women’s team won one and tied the other game

The women’s team finally won their first game of the season after a very consistent game last Saturday in Uusikaarlepyy.

SC Kokkola was the first team to be defeated by the ladies in the second division, this time with solid 2-0.

In the second game of the day it was time for the first derby of the year, when SB Kauhajoki manned the field. As always, the game was very tight and from time to time a bit rough. 2-2 after 45 played minutes is a fully acceptable result for both teams, as no-one dominated the game.

The scoresheets can be found here:
SC Kokkola – SC Saragoza 0-2
SC Saragoza – SB Kauhajoki 2-2

The season continues the 10th of December in Kauhajoki, where the ladies face the leading team, Blue Fox, and Nibacos.

Standings, scores, results, coming games and statistics can be found from here.