The season continues in Kaskinen after the Christmas break

This saturday it is time for the sixth tournament of the season, and this one will be hosted by Vikings and played in Kaskinen. In their first game of the day (start at 11:00) the men’s team face the home team Vikings, and in their second game of the day (starts at 13:00) FBC Asteroids.

During the years, SC Saragoza and Vikings have played each other 20 times in the series federated by the Finnish Floorball Federation. Out of these SC Saragoza has won 13, 2 times the teams have tied the score, and Vikings has won 5. Listed here below are links to the scoresheets from these games, with the latest one on the top.

06.11.2016SC SaragozaVikings6-7
28.02.2016SC SaragozaVikings3-6
05.12.2015VikingsSC Saragoza4-7
11.10.2015SC SaragozaVikings5-3
08.03.2014SC SaragozaVikings4-5
12.10.2013VikingsSC Saragoza5-3
17.02.2013VikingsSC Saragoza3-3
20.10.2012SC SaragozaVikings4-3
20.02.2010VikingsSC Saragoza0-7
06.12.2009SC SaragozaVikings12-0
24.10.2009VikingsSC Saragoza6-9
01.03.2008VikingsSC Saragoza5-7
06.10.2007SC SaragozaVikings3-2
09.02.2003VikingsSC Saragoza4-9
10.11.2002SC SaragozaVikings2-2
29.01.2000SC SaragozaVikings6-2
15.01.2000VikingsSC Saragoza1-3
15.03.1998VikingsSC Saragoza3-5
13.12.1997SC SaragozaVikings2-1
09.11.1996SC SaragozaVikings0-5

Top 5 scorers from SC Saragoza in these games

Mats Backlund1812+10=2224 min
Janne Smeds109+7=168 min
Jani Korpi119+2=110 min
Sebastian Sjögren47+3=102 min
Rasmus Pihlaja84+4=82 min

Top 5 scorers from Vikings in these games

Rickard Sigg179+10=192 min
Johan Bärnlund115+12=172 min
Mikael Bengtsson96+4=100 min
Jesper Prinsén85+5=106 min
Nicholas Lundenius75+1=62 min

SC Saragoza and FBC Asteroids have played one game, which SC Saragoza quite comfortably won. A link to the scoresheet is found here below.

06.11.2016FBC AsteroidsSC Saragoza6-17

Top 5 scorers from SC Saragoza in these games

Mats Backlund14+3=70 min
Jani Korpi15+1=60 min
Richard Lähteenmäki13+2=50 min
Peter Söderlund12+2=40 min
Henrik Hakala11+3=40 min

FBC Asteroids top 5 scorers

Jukka Rajala13+1=40 min
Kalle Hautala11+3=42 min
Jukka Hietamäki11+1=20 min
Tony Kivilompolo11+0=10 min
Tommi Mikkilä10+1=10 min

Standings, scores, coming games and stats are found here.