The men’s team faces the toughest possible opponents at home

On Saturday the seventh tournament of the season is played in Kristiinahalli. In their first game (11:00) the men’s team face SS Paitsio, and in their second game (17:00) Sparta.

SC Saragoza and SS Paitsio have faced each other twice and both games have ended in victories for Paitsio. Links to the scoresheets from these games are found below.

18.12.2016SC SaragozaSS Paitsio0-9
15.10.2016SS PaitsioSC Saragoza7-6

Top 5 scorers from SC Saragoza

Jens Granqvist12+1=34 min
Peter Söderlund21+1=24 min
Jani Korpi21+1=24 min
Richard Lähteenmäki21+0=10 min
Jonatan Ahlvik21+0=10 min

Top 5 scorers from SS Paitsio

Joel Anttila24+2=60 min
Kristian Kiviranta24+2=60 min
Mikael Hintsala22+2=40 min
Antero Joensuu12+0=20 min
Oliver Hurtig21+1=20 min

Pictures from the last game between the teams played in Kristiinahalli can be found here.

SC Saragoza and Sparta have played eachother 5 times, and SC Saragoza has not yet defeated Sparta. 3 games have ended in ties, and Sparta has won the remaining 2. Links to the scoresheets are listed here below.

18.12.2016SpartaSC Saragoza2-2
15.10.2016SC SaragozaSparta9-9
23.01.2016SC SaragozaSparta3-3
16.01.2016SpartaSC Saragoza10-7
31.10.2015SC SaragozaSparta3-4

Top 5 scorers from SC Saragoza in these games

Mats Backlund53+5=82 min
Rasmus Pihlaja55+2=72 min
Richard Lähteenmäki43+3=60 min
Jani Korpi53+1=42 min
Nico-Petteri Saarela30+4=40 min

Top 5 scorers from Sparta

Jarno Kivioja58+4=124 min
Mikko Arpiainen43+4=70 min
Roope Suortti54+2=60 min
Jarkko Vainionpää54+2=60 min
Raimo Kilpiö40+5=52 min

Pictures from the last game in Kristiinahalli between these teams can be found here:

Scores, standings and stats maintained by the Finnish Floorball Federation are presented here.