The women’s team continues in the second division also next year

After yesterday’s games it is now fully clear. The women’s team managed to secure their place in the second division also for next season. This after a surprising victory in Urheilutalo in Pietarsaari over the home team, Jeppis FBC, who currently are holding the second place in the standings.

The first game of the day was a true disappointment, the women’s team practically handed ISB the two points. The only thing that kept the spirits high was the fact that both KauWi and SB Kauhajoki lost both of their games, so there was still a possibility to secure a spot with a victory in the remaining three games.

The women’s team did not delay the decision, but took a surprising victory over the home team. A solid defense and a good counterattacking game decided the game, and especially Pia-Maria Pihlaja celebrated with her 4 goals against Jeppis. The remaining games against undefeated Blue Fox and home team Nibacos are pure cosmetics, luckily enough, as it would have been quite hard to get a victory out of either of those games.

Scoresheets from the games are listed here:

In this tournament quite a few players ended up in the scoresheets. Part from Pia with her 4+1, Emppu 1+2, Linda 1+1, Cecilia 1+0 and Milla 0+1 also Malin 1+0, Päivi 0+1 and Maria 0+1 opened their scoring for this season.


Blue Fox14140086216528
Jeppis FBC14100452381420
SC Kokkola145273339-612
SC Saragoza145273442-812
SB Kauhajoki1422102759-326