The fourth tournament of the season for the women’s team is played on Saturday in Nurmo

This Saturday the women’s team plays their fourth tournament of the season, this time in Nurmo. In their first game of the day (starts at 13:00) the women’s team face Nibacos, and in their second game (starts at 17:00) Jeppis FBC.

SC Saragoza has played against Nibacos 28 times. Out of these SC Saragoza has won 10 games, tied 4 and lost 14. Below links to the scoresheets listed.

12.03.2017SC SaragozaNibacos1-2
10.12.2016NibacosSC Saragoza5-3
19.03.2016SC SaragozaNibacos II4-4
10.01.2016Nibacos IISC Saragoza0-7
24.01.2015Nibacos IISC Saragoza2-3
14.12.2014SC SaragozaNibacos II4-6
16.11.2014Nibacos IISC Saragoza3-3
29.03.2014Nibacos IISC Saragoza1-7
23.11.2013SC SaragozaNibacos II7-2
06.02.2011SC SaragozaNibacos II1-10
08.01.2011SC SaragozaNibacos1-11
19.12.2010Nibacos IISC Saragoza4-3
20.11.2010NibacosSC Saragoza12-0
07.11.2010SC SaragozaNibacos II6-2
02.10.2010SC SaragozaNibacos1-13
10.01.2010SC SaragozaNibacos0-3
05.12.2009NibacosSC Saragoza9-0
27.09.2009SC SaragozaNibacos3-3
07.02.2009NibacosSC Saragoza1-4
07.12.2008SC SaragozaNibacos3-3
19.10.2008NibacosSC Saragoza8-1
24.03.2007NibacosSC Saragoza5-6
10.03.2007SC SaragozaNibacos II2-4
25.11.2006Nibacos IISC Saragoza4-1
18.11.2006SC SaragozaNibacos1-4
18.03.2006NibacosSC Saragoza0-9
21.01.2006SC SaragozaNibacos12-3
26.11.2005NibacosSC Saragoza1-8

SC Saragoza top scorers in these games

Iida Laine2430+7=370 min
Emilia Heikinmäki1212+11=232 min
Annette Aittamäki310+1=110 min
Kati Kohtakangas182+9=110 min
Päivi Aittamäki184+6=100 min

Nibacos top scorers in these games

Sanna Keiski1312+6=182 min
Alli Tikkanen79+3=120 min
Carola Jumppanen128+3=110 min
Suvi Hautala38+2=100 min
Ida-Maria Hägg23+6=90 min

SC Saragoza has faced Jeppis FBC 13 times. Out of these SC Saragoza has won 3 games, tied 2, and lost 8. Below links to the scoresheets listed.

23.09.2017SC SaragozaJeppis FBC1-1
19.02.2017Jeppis FBCSC Saragoza4-6
24.09.2016SC SaragozaJeppis FBC1-3
01.03.2014Jeppis FBCSC Saragoza12-3
26.10.2013SC SaragozaJeppis FBC0-2
20.02.2005Jeppis FBCSC Saragoza8-2
12.02.2005Jeppis FBC IISC Saragoza2-2
11.12.2004SC SaragozaJeppis FBC II7-2
05.12.2004SC SaragozaJeppis FBC2-7
06.11.2004Jeppis FBCSC Saragoza8-0
23.10.2004Jeppis FBC IISC Saragoza1-4
02.12.2000SC SaragozaJeppis FBC0-9
22.10.2000Jeppis FBCSC Saragoza13-1

SC Saragoza top scorers in these games

Emilia Heikinmäki105+5=102 min
Annette Aittamäki86+1=72 min
Kati Kohtakangas130+6=60 min
Päivi Aittamäki122+3=50 min
Pia-Maria Pihlaja14+0=40 min

Jeppis FBC top scorers in these games

Ina Lindenschmidt412+2=140 min
Anna Nylund84+8=128 min
Ann-Sofi Grönhage75+4=92 min
Suvi Hautala75+3=82 min
Sanna Ström53+5=80 min

Scores, standings and stats as well as a live score can be found here.