The women’s team continues their season in Kokkola on Sunday

This Sunday the fifth tournament of the season for the women’s team will be played in Kokkola. In their first game of the day (starts at 12:00) the women’s team faces SB Vaasa Mummot, and in their second game (starts at 15:00) SPV.

SC Saragoza and SB Vaasa have played each other 27 times, out of these SC Saragoza has won 10, 1 game has ended in a tie, and 16 games have ended in a loss. Below links to the scoresheets from these games.

23.09.2017SC SaragozaSB Vaasa Mummot2-5
14.02.2015SC SaragozaSB Vaasa0-5
10.01.2015SB VaasaSC Saragoza5-2
01.11.2014SB VaasaSC Saragoza1-2
08.02.2014SB VaasaSC Saragoza1-5
06.10.2013SC SaragozaSB Vaasa3-0
16.02.2013SC SaragozaSB Vaasa2-1
05.01.2013SB VaasaSC Saragoza1-3
20.02.2011SB VaasaSC Saragoza3-1
06.02.2011SB Vaasa IISC Saragoza3-1
08.01.2011SC SaragozaSB Vaasa1-8
19.12.2010SC SaragozaSB Vaasa II1-6
20.11.2010SB VaasaSC Saragoza4-0
07.11.2010SB Vaasa IISC Saragoza4-3
25.01.2009SB Vaasa IISC Saragoza0-0
15.11.2008SC SaragozaSB Vaasa II4-2
28.09.2008SB Vaasa IISC Saragoza1-2
24.02.2007SC SaragozaSB Vaasa II2-4
18.11.2006SB Vaasa IISC Saragoza7-3
11.02.2006SB Vaasa IISC Saragoza3-2
11.12.2005SC SaragozaSB Vaasa II3-0
08.10.2005SB Vaasa IISC Saragoza0-2
20.02.2005SC SaragozaSB Vaasa II3-7
15.01.2005SB Vaasa IISC Saragoza2-0
11.12.2004SC SaragozaSB Vaasa II5-0
21.02.2004SC SaragozaSB Vaasa II0-5
13.12.2003SB Vaasa IISC Saragoza5-1

SC Saragoza top scorers in these games

Iida Laine1512+1=130 min
Emilia Heikinmäki155+4=92 min
Annette Aittamäki62+5=70 min
Sarah Wikman102+4=60 min
Päivi Aittamäki141+5=60 min

SB Vaasa top scorers in these games

Marita Ojala105+3=84 min
Sari Kantonen112+6=80 min
Anni Dahlén75+1=60 min
Laura Hakala42+4=60 min
Annika Rönnblom162+3=50 min

SC Saragoza has played SPV 15 times. SC Saragoza has won 8 games, tied 3 games, and lost 4 games. Below links to the scoresheets listed.

18.11.2017SPVSC Saragoza8-1
20.02.2011SC SaragozaSPV II2-2
23.01.2011SPV IISC Saragoza2-3
17.10.2010SC SaragozaSPV II2-2
14.02.2010SC SaragozaSPV II2-3
24.01.2010SPV IISC Saragoza1-2
24.10.2009SC SaragozaSPV II7-2
25.01.2009SC SaragozaSPV II3-1
15.11.2008SPV IISC Saragoza5-6
28.09.2008SPV IISC Saragoza2-2
14.01.2007SPV IIISC Saragoza2-5
21.10.2006SC SaragozaSPV III5-2
11.02.2006SC SaragozaSPV II4-7
11.12.2005SPV IISC Saragoza1-4
08.10.2005SC SaragozaSPV II2-5

SC Saragoza top scorers in these games

Iida Laine1112+3=150 min
Pia-Maria Pihlaja710+3=132 min
Sarah Wikman83+4=70 min
Päivi Aittamäki112+3=52 min
Emilia Heikinmäki42+3=52 min

SPV top scorers in these games

Anu Dunne44+2=62 min
Hanna Haikola83+3=60 min
Terhi Koskilammi82+3=50 min
Eeva Romu42+3=50 min
Anni Polari24+1=50 min

Scores, standings and stats as well as a live score can be found here.