Two games on Sunday in Kaskinen for the men’s team

On Sunday the men’s team will play their seventh tournament of the year with two games in Urheilutalo in Kaskinen. In their first game of the day (starting 11:00) the team will face SB Jytky. In the second game of the day (start 14:00) the team will face FBC Remix.

SC Saragoza and SB Jytky have met 7 times. Out of these, SC Saragoza has won 0 games, tied 2 games, and lost 5. Here you’ll find links to the scoresheets listed with the latest game first.

11.11.2017SB JytkySC Saragoza4-3
07.03.2015SB JytkySC Saragoza2-2
24.01.2015SC SaragozaSB Jytky3-8
20.12.2014SB JytkySC Saragoza3-1
08.11.2014SC SaragozaSB Jytky2-2
01.02.2014SB JytkySC Saragoza7-2
02.11.2013SC SaragozaSB Jytky3-4

SC Saragozas 5 bästa poängplockare i de inbördes mötena

Mats Backlund75+1=60 min
Rasmus Pihlaja72+1=30 min
Raine Häggqvist21+1=20 min
Kim Hammarberg71+0=10 min
Jani Korpi51+0=12 min

SB Jytky 5 bästa poängplockare i de inbördes mötena

Ville Ojala64+6=102 min
Esa-Matti Jaskari46+1=72 min
Matias Tiittanen45+1=60 min
Tomi Alanen64+1=52 min
Jan-Erik Wörlund53+2=50 min

Throughout the years SC Saragoza and FBC Remix have faced each other 3 times in the series facilitated by the Finnish Floorball Federation. Out of these, SC Saragoza has won 1 games, drawn 0 games, and lost 2. Listed below are links to the scoresheets from these games, with the latest on on top.

14.10.2017SC SaragozaFBC Remix II12-4
17.02.2013FBC RemixSC Saragoza10-1
13.11.2012SC SaragozaFBC Remix2-5

SC Saragoza top 5 scorers in these games:

Rasmus Pihlaja30+3=30 min
Niilo Hanka13+0=30 min
Johan Nordgren12+1=30 min
Mats Backlund31+1=24 min
Richard Lähteenmäki11+1=20 min

FBC Remix top 5 scorers in these games:

Juho Kallio24+1=50 min
Markus Kuru23+1=40 min
Jere Vaissalo22+1=30 min
Ville Keko20+3=30 min
Jussi Keko23+0=30 min

Scores, standings and the league scorers can be found from here.