SB Jytky – SC Saragoza 8-3 (4-0, 4-1, 0-2)

23.11.2019 16:00 Liikuntahalli, Jurva

On Saturday 23.11.2019 at 16:00 SB Jytky and SC Saragoza played against eachother in Liikuntahalli, Jurva.

SC Saragoza has faced SB Jytky 10 times in games played in series facilitated by the Finnish Floorball Federation. Out of these games SC Saragoza tied 2 games and lost 8.

SC Saragoza’s goaltender in this game was Jarno Timonen, who made 0 saves and allowed 8 goals. 1-0 came at 01:10, scored by Matias Tiittanen, assisted by Niko Tampsi. 2-0 came at 04:19, scored by Matias Tiittanen, assisted by Juho Rantala. 3-0 came at 08:59, scored by Ville Ojala, assisted by Tomi Alanen. 4-0 came at 09:37, scored by Niko Tampsi, assisted by Juuso Hautamäki. 5-0 came at 18:32, scored by Toni Uusi-Laitila, assisted by Matias Tiittanen. 6-0 came at 22:39, scored by Joni Saarela, assisted by Juuso Hautamäki. 7-0 came at 23:28, scored by Toni Uusi-Laitila, assisted by Jarkko Lehtinen. 7-1 came 25:12 into the game, scored by Kim Hammarberg, assisted by Richard Lähteenmäki. 8-1 came at 26:58, scored by Janne Penttilä, assisted by Ville Ojala. 8-2 came 32:01 into the game, scored by Johan Nordgren, assisted by Jens Granqvist. 8-3 came 38:33 into the game, scored by Henrik Hakala, assisted by Jens Granqvist.

The following players played for SC Saragoza in this game:

Jesse Hietikko, Calle Eskola, Mirko Lepistö, Henrik Hakala, Veeti Ahonen, Niilo Hanka, Richard Lähteenmäki, Jarno Timonen, Hans-Henrik Nordström, Kim Hammarberg, Jens Granqvist, Johan Nordgren, Nico-Petteri Saarela and Jani Korpi.

Player leaderboard

88Jens Granqvist0+2=2
19Henrik Hakala1+0=1
82Kim Hammarberg1+0=1
89Johan Nordgren1+0=1
27Richard Lähteenmäki0+1=1

Penalized players

88Jens Granqvist2 min

Match pictures