08.12.2019 Vikings – SC Saragoza

16:00 Urheiluhalli, Kaskinen

On Sunday 08.12.2019 at 16:00 Vikings and SC Saragoza plays eachother in Urheiluhalli, Kaskinen. SC Saragoza has faced Vikings 25 times in games played in series facilitated by the Finnish Floorball Federation.

Out of these games SC Saragoza has won 16 games, tied 2 games and lost 7. Listed here below are all the previous games between Vikings and SC Saragoza and their before the game reports, scoresheets and post game reports.

Previous games

DateMatchBefore the gameScoresheetReport
20.10.2019SC Saragoza – Vikingspregame3-7report
13.01.2018Vikings – SC Saragoza3-6
30.09.2017SC Saragoza – Vikings7-6
05.03.2017SC Saragoza – Vikings6-9
07.01.2017Vikings – SC Saragoza3-4
06.11.2016SC Saragoza – Vikings6-7
28.02.2016SC Saragoza – Vikings3-6
05.12.2015Vikings – SC Saragoza4-7
11.10.2015SC Saragoza – Vikings5-3
08.03.2014SC Saragoza – Vikings4-5
12.10.2013Vikings – SC Saragoza5-3
17.02.2013Vikings – SC Saragoza3-3
20.10.2012SC Saragoza – Vikings4-3
20.02.2010Vikings – SC Saragoza0-7
06.12.2009SC Saragoza – Vikings12-0
24.10.2009Vikings – SC Saragoza6-9
01.03.2008Vikings – SC Saragoza5-7
06.10.2007SC Saragoza – Vikings3-2
09.02.2003Vikings – SC Saragoza4-9
10.11.2002SC Saragoza – Vikings2-2
29.01.2000SC Saragoza – Vikings6-2
15.01.2000Vikings – SC Saragoza1-3
15.03.1998Vikings – SC Saragoza3-5
13.12.1997SC Saragoza – Vikings2-1
09.11.1996SC Saragoza – Vikings0-5

Match pictures