SC Saragoza – KuRy 8-4 (4-1, 3-1, 1-2)

19.01.2020 17:00 Monnari, Kurikka

On Sunday 19.01.2020 at 17:00 SC Saragoza and KuRy played against eachother in Monnari, Kurikka.

SC Saragoza has faced KuRy 28 times in games played in series facilitated by the Finnish Floorball Federation. Out of these games SC Saragoza has won 12 games, tied 6 games and lost 10.

SC Saragoza’s goaltender in this game was Jarno Timonen, who made 19 saves and allowed 4 goals. 1-0 came 00:33 into the game, scored by Jussi Lammi, assisted by Jens Granqvist. 1-1 came at 03:21, scored by Jani Rintanen, assisted by Pekka Tuomisto. 2-1 came 05:43 into the game, scored by Jani Korpi, assisted by Johan Nordgren. 3-1 came 05:48 into the game, scored by Kim Hammarberg, assisted by Mirko Lepistö. 4-1 came 13:01 into the game, scored by Jussi Lammi, assisted by Veeti Ahonen. 4-2 came at 17:03, scored by Nikke Tapanainen, assisted by Tommi Ojanpää. 5-2 came 17:23 into the game, scored by Jens Granqvist, assisted by Jussi Lammi. 6-2 came 23:28 into the game, scored by Nico-Petteri Saarela, assisted by Markus Lahti. 7-2 came 26:24 into the game, scored by Kim Hammarberg. 7-3 came at 34:49, scored by Pekka Tuomisto, assisted by Jarkko Hirvilammi. 7-4 came at 39:11, marked as an own goal. 8-4 came 44:31 into the game, scored by Jussi Lammi, assisted by Jani Korpi.

The following players played for SC Saragoza in this game:

Jesse Hietikko, Markus Lahti, Adam Ziazikov, Mirko Lepistö, Henrik Hakala, Veeti Ahonen, Niilo Hanka, Jarno Timonen, Jussi Lammi, Hans-Henrik Nordström, Kim Hammarberg, Jens Granqvist, Johan Nordgren, Nico-Petteri Saarela and Jani Korpi.

Player leaderboard

50Jussi Lammi3+1=4
82Kim Hammarberg2+0=2
88Jens Granqvist1+1=2
98Jani Korpi1+1=2
97Nico-Petteri Saarela1+0=1
5Markus Lahti0+1=1
11Mirko Lepistö0+1=1
21Veeti Ahonen0+1=1
89Johan Nordgren0+1=1

Penalized players

50Jussi Lammi12 min

Match pictures