SB Kauhajoki – SC Saragoza 2-7 (0-2, 0-3, 2-2)

08.02.2020 13:30 OP-Arena, Mustasaari

On Saturday 08.02.2020 at 13:30 SB Kauhajoki and SC Saragoza played against eachother in OP-Arena, Mustasaari.

SC Saragoza has faced SB Kauhajoki 21 times in games played in series facilitated by the Finnish Floorball Federation. Out of these games SC Saragoza has won 11 games, tied 3 games and lost 7.

SC Saragoza’s goaltender in this game was Josefine Antfolk, who made 0 saves and allowed 2 goals. 0-1 came 04:47 into the game, scored by Päivi Aittamäki, assisted by Pauliina Mäkelä. 0-2 came 05:45 into the game, scored by Emilia Heikinmäki, assisted by Iida Laine. 0-3 came 18:41 into the game, scored by Iida Laine, assisted by Emilia Heikinmäki. 0-4 came 21:33 into the game, scored by Iida Laine, assisted by Hanna Koivisto. 0-5 came 27:57 into the game, scored by Satu Dahlgren, assisted by Hanna Koivisto. 0-6 came 32:30 into the game, scored by Iida Laine. 1-6 came at 32:51, scored by Anna Barndyk, assisted by Peppilotta Ristiharju. 1-7 came 33:02 into the game, scored by Susanne Öström, assisted by Pauliina Mäkelä. 2-7 came at 40:22, scored by Pinja Lepistö, assisted by Essi Pääkkönen.

The following players played for SC Saragoza in this game:

Emilia Heikinmäki, Iida Laine, Susanne Öström, Jessica Hietikko, Hanna Koivisto, Maria Westdijk, Linda Dahlmars, Cecilia Granlund, Päivi Aittamäki, Malin Enroth, Milla Perkiö, Satu Dahlgren, Pauliina Mäkelä, Josefine Antfolk and Emmie Dahlgren.

Player leaderboard

7Iida Laine3+1=4
3Emilia Heikinmäki1+1=2
10Hanna Koivisto0+2=2
28Pauliina Mäkelä0+2=2
8Susanne Öström1+0=1
22Satu Dahlgren1+0=1
16Päivi Aittamäki1+0=1

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