Two wins for the men’s team at home ground

The men’s team started their season in the best possible way by winning both of their home games last Sunday.

Even with a lot of players scratched two full lines where all set to play in the opening game against Adonis. Emilio Lassfolk started in the goal and did it well. The lines: Peter Söderlund (3+4), Mats Backlund (1+0) and Lassi Lähdesmäki (2+2, 2 min) and Nico-Petteri Saarela, Vesa-Matti Rajala (0+1) and Mika Kangasniemi (1+0) with the defenders Janne Smeds (2 min) and Kim Hammarberg (2+0) as well as Peter Lassfolk (0+1) and Johan Nordgren (2 min).

The first goal of the season was scored already in the first shift when Söddin from a position behind the goal set Mats up for a backhand finish. Söddin scored the second goal after a setup by Peter Lassfolk. In the ninth minute Mika added his first and the team’s third when he scored 3-0 with a man disadvantage. The first period also ended 3-0 and the game was fully in the hands of the home team.

The second period was a lot more even, and even if Kim scored early on, the first half of the second period was dominated by Adonis. 4-1 after a free shot, 4-2 after a similar chain of events and less than a minute later 4-3 started to shake the home team up abit. At this stage Söddin and Lassi decided to introduce themselves to the home crowd: 5-3 With Söddin scoring and Lassi setting him up, 6-3 the other way around.

In the third period Saragoza focused on keeping Adonis out of scoring chanses and could also, as the opponent raised their forechecking, go to counterattack from time to time. Five minutes left of the game and Kim scored his second of the game. Lassi scored his second. Adonis managed to reduce the lead before Söddin assisted by Lassi, set the score to 9-4.

Scoresheet can be found here.

Risto Nyholm’s photos can be found on our facebook-site.

In the second game, the first derby of the season was at hands when Vikings faced SC Saragoza. Also Vikings managed to win their first game of the season.

A couple of the scratched players returned to the roster and was thus able to play 3 full attacking lines and 2 defence pairs. Jarno Timonen was in turn to guard the goal, and as Milo in the first game, he did it well. The lineup: Peter Söderlund (0+1, 2 min), Mats Backlund (1+0) and Lassi Lähdesmäki (1+0), Nico-Petteri Saarela (1+1), Vesa-Matti Rajala (0+1) and Mika Kangasniemi (1+0) and Jani Korpi (1+0), Kim Hammarberg (0+1) and Rasmus Pihlaja. Defenders Eero Haapala (2 min) and Janne Smeds (0+1, 2 min) as well as Peter Lassfolk and Johan Nordgren.

After a first period without scoring SC Saragoza got the opportunity to play with a man advantage in the second period. Unfortunately the team managed to fiddle the ball to Mikael Johansson from Vikings, who took a shot and opened the scoring. The equalizer came in the 22nd minute when Jani redirected Kim’s shotpass behind the Vikings goalie Bengtsson. Eero was penalized for a dangerous play and Vikings managed to score again when Timo Koivisto scored. In the 28 minute Nico scored on Vesku’s assist and the score was 2-2 after two periods. In the third period, a couple of well executed minutes by the home team decided the game. Lassi scored 3-2 after 3 minutes and Mika extended the scoring to 4-2 after a minute and after another minute Mats redirected Janne’s pass past the Vikings goalie. Vikings managed to score once more, with 6 seconds left on the clock.

The scoresheet can be found here.

Pics from the game, shot by Hans-Henrik Nordström, can be found on the facebook-site.

The next games will be played in Kaskö on the 31st of October.