The first loss of the season for the women’s team

The women’s team suffered their first loss of the season on Saturday night in Anssin Jussin Arena in Ylihärmä. In the first game of the day the women managed to score themselves a point against FBC Remix from Ylistaro. This consumed a lot of energy for the 8 players that made it and SB Kauhajoki could defeat our women’s team with 2-0 in the late game.

The women’s team lineup in both of the games. Netminder: Josefine Antfolk. Defenders Milla Perkiö and Satu Dahlgren (0+1, 2 min). Offence: Pauliina Mäkelä, Päivi Aittamäki, Susanne Öström, Linda Dahlmars and Jessica Hietikko (1+0, 2 min).

Scoresheet from both games are found here: SC Saragoza – FBC Remix ja SB Kauhajoki – SC Saragoza.

Standings, stats and coming games are found here.

The series continues 13.12.2015 in Lohtaja where the women’s team will face Jalas from Jalasjärvi and PSB Lapua.