The men’s team won one and lost one last Saturday

Last Saturday the last home games for the men’s team this season were played in the Kristinahall Arena. The home team played two games and faced Vikings and Adonis. 

The game against Vikings started well when the substitute captain Rasmus Pihlaja led the way by scoring the opening goal, assisted by Richard Lähteenmäki.

Peter Söderlund saved a goal, but played the ball from within the goalie area and hence also caused a penalty shot for Vikings that Jesper Prinsén could score on. 1-1 also was the standings after the first period.

In the second period Johan Nordgren entered the game, and this led to a couple of small adjustments in the line-up. This was clearly a positive change as Jani Korpi scored his first and the teams second goal early on in the period. A little over a minute later Janne Smeds intercepted a Vikings attack and scored on a beautiful shot to 3-1.

After half of the second period Mikael Johansson from the Vikings was awarded a penalty and Janne Smeds added his second for the day, increasing the Saragozalead to 4-1. Vikings managed to score a late goal in the period and after two played period it was 4-2.

In the third, Johan Nordgren fired his lazer and the score was 5-2. A minute later Jani Korpi scored his second of the day and the home team had control over the game. Vikings scored one, but they never got close as one of their players took a penalty for protest. After the power play Jani Korpi completed his hattrick to 7-3 and the game was over. Vikings scored once more, but the points remained with the home team.

The scoresheet can be found here.

In the second game of the day Saragoza got a good start, scoring three goals within the first three minutes. Adonis did not roll over, but could with their energy slowly consume the lead. After the first period the score was 3-2. The second period was Adonis, and they managed to pull up a lead with 4-5. Saragoza lost two players to injuries and that reflected itself quite a lot. The third period was tight, and even if Adonis increased their lead to 4-6 the game was far from decided. Henrik Hakala (Mats Backlund) was unfortunately the only one that managed to score, and the 40 seconds were not sufficient. 

The scoresheet can be found here.

The season continues on 16 January.