The women’s team won both their games without allowing any goals

The autumn could not have ended in a better way for the women’s team who won both their games without allowing any goals on Sunday.

In the first game of the day, against Jalas from Jalasjärvi, no-one expected anything less than a win – and a win was the end result. Jalas fought back well on the narrow field and it took until the second period before the women’s team could break the defence.

After heavy domination, but big troubles with scoring eventually a 4-0 victory was quite satisfying. The goals were scored by Iida three, and Nina one.

The scoresheet is found here.After the game the women’s team got the opportunity to scout their comint opponent PSB Lapua who faced FBC Remix. FBC Remix managed to win that game quite comfortably.

The game against PSB Lapua was quite tight, but with one scored goal per period, the women’s team could put another victory in the book. The goals were scored by IidaLinda and Emilia.

Worth noticing is also Josefine’s allowed goals per game statistics: 0,83. Less than one goal allowed per game is quite impressive, and all of the team needs to be credited for that.

The scoresheet is found here.

During the Christmas break we hope that all of the injured players will recover so that we can match a full squad in the next tournament, which will be played on the 10th of January.

Standings, scores and coming games are found here.