Two solid wins for the ladies in Lapua

The women’s team continued their campaign last Sunday in Lapua with two games. End result, victory in both games, this time with quite impressive numbers, 7-0 against Nibacos II from Kokkola and 3-2 against the home team, PSB Lapua.

In these games the roster was almost complete, the only missing players are lower body injuires suffering Kati Kohtakangas and Jessica Hietikko, upper body injuried Mia Koski-Träskvik and recovering from Cheek, Pauliina Mäkelä.The line-up as follows: Josefine Antfolk as netminder, Milla Perkiö (1+1) and Satu Dahlgren (0+1) as the first defensive pair and Amanda Antfolk and Maria Westdijk (0+1) as the second. Linda Dahlmars (2+0) and Cecila Granlund shared resposibility of the center position while Emilia Heikinmäki (1+2) and Iida Laine (4+0) paired up as the first attackers, Susanne Öström (1+0) and Päivi Aittamäki (0+2) formed the second offensive pair and Sofia Lähteenmäki (1+0) and Nina Sydholm (0+1) the third.

The game against Nibacos was decided early on as Saragoza didn’t allow their opponents any scoring chanses and when given a chance produced some high quality counter attacks. As the ball bounced in our favour a couple of goals where scored on half-chanses as well. Sussu opened the scoring from Päivi’s pass. Sofia increased our lead to two nil after Nina’s brilliant pass found her open in the crease. In the second period neither team managed to score even if the possession of the ball was quite overwhelming. Nibacos got around to a couple of dangerous attempts, but Joos kept them short. In the first shift of the third period practically decided the game. Amanda opened beautifully to Iida who together with Emppu stripped the Nibacos defense completely and Linda could score in the almost empty net. Iida added three more to her list of scored goals (assists from Emppu and Maria) before Linda finalized the scoring assisted by Päivi. Final result 7-0.

In the second game the home team wanted payback after the solid 3-0 victory in the last tournament. PSB Lapua opened the game intesively and managed to open the scoring in the fifth minute. This ended Josefine’s shutout streak, which set a new club record with 159 minutes and 4 seconds. A record that will be hard, or almost impossible to beat. The women’s team did not get too depressed after the opening goal, but it took them a period to tie the game. Emppu got her speed on and after Milla handed her the ball, she drifted through the home team defense and scored. The go-ahead goal was a beauty as Iida redirected Satu’s hard pass in front of the goal. The game-winning-goal came from Milla, as her shot deflected on the defense and surprised the Lapua goalie. PSB Lapua managed to get their second with two minutes remaining on the clock, but Emppu and Iida maintained possession of the ball the last 80 seconds and the game was won. The two wins reduced the lead of KauWi and SB Kauhajoki as they tied their game.

The season continues in two weeks in Ylistaro where Saragoza faces KauWi and the home team FBC Remix.

Standings, scores and coming games can be found here.