The season continues on Sunday for the men’s team

On Sunday the men’s team plays their seventh tournament of the season when they face Vikings (14:00) and FC Brändöpojkarna (17:00).

During the years, SC Saragoza and Vikings have faced each other 18 times in the series facilitated by SSBL. Out of these SC Saragoza has won 13, 2 ties have been played and Vikings have won 3 games. Beneath links to the games, last one played on the top.

05.12.2015VikingsSC Saragoza4-7
11.10.2015SC SaragozaVikings5-3
08.03.2014SC SaragozaVikings4-5
12.10.2013VikingsSC Saragoza5-3
17.02.2013VikingsSC Saragoza3-3
20.10.2012SC SaragozaVikings4-3
20.02.2010VikingsSC Saragoza0-7
06.12.2009SC SaragozaVikings12-0
24.10.2009VikingsSC Saragoza6-9
01.03.2008VikingsSC Saragoza5-7
06.10.2007SC SaragozaVikings3-2
09.02.2003VikingsSC Saragoza4-9
10.11.2002SC SaragozaVikings2-2
29.01.2000SC SaragozaVikings6-2
15.01.2000VikingsSC Saragoza1-3
15.03.1998VikingsSC Saragoza3-5
13.12.1997SC SaragozaVikings2-1
09.11.1996SC SaragozaVikings0-5

SC Saragozan 5 top scorers in these games

Mats Backlund1611+9=2022 min
Janne Smeds109+7=168 min
Jani Korpi98+2=100 min
Sebastian Sjögren47+3=102 min
Eero Haapala93+5=86 min

Vikings 5 top scorers in these games

Rickard Sigg156+8=142 min
Mikael Bengtsson86+4=100 min
Johan Bärnlund94+6=102 min
Nicholas Lundenius65+1=62 min
Jesper Prinsén73+3=64 min

SC Saragoza and FC Brändöpojkarna have met once, then SC Saragoza won.

22.11.2015 FC Brändöpojkarna – SC Saragoza 4-7

SC Saragozan 5 top scorers in these games

Lassi Lähdesmäki12+1=30 min
Mats Backlund12+1=30 min
Johan Nordgren11+2=30 min
Henrik Hakala11+0=12 min
Nico-Petteri Saarela10+1=10 min

FC Brändöpojkarna 5 top scorers in these games

Tomi Raunio11+1=22 min
Tony Johansson11+0=10 min
Andrej Dahl11+0=10 min
Kim Söderman11+0=10 min
Teemu Hahto10+1=10 min

Scores, standings etc are found here.