The women’s team won both – now has eight straight wins

The women’s team won both games, even if they could not put up their best performance. The second place in the series is now even firmer in our hands, as KauWi lost one point against PSB Lapua. Currently the difference is 3 points and it starts to look like we could be heading for the second division.

SB Kauhajoki continues in the lead, one point ahead. When these two teams clash in the next tournament in Töysä, the outcome of who wins the series will be definitely be decided.

From the games yesterday no further things to report, except that Amanda Antfolk scored her first goal of her career. Cecilia Granlund also opened her scoring for the season. The other scorers: Emppu (2) and Sussu (2).

Josefine Antfolk continued her stabile performance in the goal, in 12 games she has allowed 12 goals, which is fairly impressive.

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