One win and one loss for the men’s team

The men’s team lost their first game of the day against Vikings with 3-6 and managed to win over FC Brändöpojkarna with 7-4 and maintain their position in the series.

The line-up against Vikings: Jarno (0+1) goalie, Peter L, Kim (0+1) and Rasmus (1+0, 2 min). Offensive lines: Lassi, Peter S and Nico and Jani (1+0), Mats (0+1) and Mika (1+0).

Scoresheet can be found here.

In the second game some adjustments were made: Jarno continued in the goal, Peter L, Kim (0+1) and Rasse (0+1) in the defense and as offensive lines Peter S (2+0), Mats (1+0) and Lassi (0+1) and Jani (2+0), Mika (1+0) and Nico (1+2).

Scoresheet is found here.

The next games will be played already now on Saturday in Vasa. SC Saragoza faces Royal Mela and Mousetrap.