One win and one loss in the last tournament for the men’s team

The end result is no surprise, a solid win against FC Brändöpojkarna with 8-2 and a narrow defeat after a very solid game against Adonis. With that result Adonis goes on to qualify for the fourth division. Saragoza ends up on a fourth place in the standings with 20 Points after Royal Mela 26, Adonis and Sparta 22.

Worth mentioning from yesterday is of course Henkka’s hat trick against FC Brändöpojkarna, Milo’s goaltending in both games, Lassi’s victory in the teams internal scoring with his 16+9 and of course Jani’s win in the most penalized players competition with his 7 minutes.

Yesterdays roster: Milo in the goal, Mats (1+1), Lasu (0+1) and Rasse (0+1) defenders, Söddin (1+2) centererd between Jani (1+1) and Mika (3+1) while Henrik (3+0, 2 min) played center between Lassi (1+0, 2 min) and Nico (0+2).

Twenty points in 18 games is not that bad and the only pointless tournament came in Kaskinen in the second tournament of the year where the men’s team lost both to Royal Mela and Sparta. As a matter of fact, the only team that did not get any points from the series against Saragoza was FC Brändöpojkarna, against Mousetrap the team lost one point, while Vikings contributed with 4 Points. Royal Mela and Adonis allowed SC Saragoza 2 points each while Sparta only gave away one point.

The scoresheets from yesterday’s games can be found here, FC Brändöpojkarna – SC Saragoza and Adonis – SC Saragoza. All of the statistics from the season will be found here – once updated – whenever that happens.

Lassi was the top scorer of the team this season with his 16+9. Photo Risto Nyholm.

A lot of positive can also be picked out on the individual level, especially the youth showed their skills this season: Lassi increased his scoring from 8 last year to 25 this year, Nico from 10 last year to 17 this year, while Henrik scored the same amount of points in half of the amount of games compared to last year. Vesku managed four games before heading to serve the country. Jarno and Emilio both maintained a solid level even if they had to face tough opponents with a narrow squad ahead of them, Jarno’s allowed goals per game 4,56 in 9 games this year compared to 4,64 in 11 games last year. Emilio allowed 5,33 goals per game in his 9 games against 4,40 in his 10 games last year.

Also the players in their prime years contributed a lot in this season, Söddins (8+15) in 14 games turns to the best points per game average with 1,64 and that is a significant improvement compared to last year (5+2). Mika scored 14 goals which is 12 more than last year, Johan produced 8 points which is 7 more than last year. Rasse showed off some leadership skills especially late in the season and produced 13 points.

What about the veteran section of the team? Eero only managed to play a Little over four periods before his knee injury. Janne made it to 5 games and would most probably have helped us to a couple of wins had he had time to participate more. Jani doubled his amount of scored goals with his 13. Ricke only made it to a third of the games, but scored more than a point per game in these. Kim was as solid as always, and sadly lost the last four games to injury. Lasu scored again this season and was his own mean self in the defensive play. Mats produced points in seventeen out of eighteen games and managed to stay out of the penaltybox most of the games…

With all this said, it looks pretty good looking at the next season…

The men’s team continues to practice until the floor in the Kristinahall arena is torn apart, you are welcome to participate!