The women’s team started with a loss and a tie

The first two games of the season were played last Saturday in Hollihaka in Kokkola. New year, new division, but a lot of familiar faces in the opponents. Both Jeppis FBC as well as ISB are teams that the women’s team have faced several times before. So no surprises there.

The line-up was, despite a couple of players absence, surprisingly large, and two pairs of defenders and three attacking lines where formed; Milla and Kati as one pair of defenders and Satu (0+1) and Maria (2 min) as the other. The attacking lines consisted of; Pauliina, Päivi and Sussu, Nina, Emppu (0+1) and Jessica (2+0) as well as Marie, Linda and Sofia. Joos naturally took her place in the net.

The scoresheet from the first game can be found here. Pictures from the first game here below.

Both games had pretty similar turns of events, the opponents kept a majority of the ball possession and neatly played the ball around. The women’s team played a solid defense and had some problems in building any qualified scoring opportunities.

The scoresheet from the second game can be found here. Pictures from the second game below.

The next two games are played on the 22.10 in Ilmajoki, where the women’s team faces Nurmon Jymy and Kauhavan Wisa. Standings, scores and stats can be found here.