The women’s team series continues tomorrow in Ilmajoki

This Saturday it is time for the second tournament of the year, this tournament will be played in Ilmajoki. In their first game of the day (start at 12:00) the women’s team faces Nurmon Jymy and in the second game (starts at 15:00) the women’s team faces KauWi.

SC Saragoza has played Nurmon Jymy 15 times, and out of these SCSaragoza has won 8, tied 3 and lost 4. Below links to the scoresheet are listed.

19.03.2016NJ IISC Saragoza1-6
25.10.2015SC SaragozaNJ II8-1
18.02.2012NJSC Saragoza1-2
04.02.2012SC SaragozaNJ2-2
08.10.2011NJSC Saragoza6-1
24.03.2007SC SaragozaNJ4-2
21.10.2006NJSC Saragoza1-0
11.03.2006SC SaragozaNJ5-8
07.01.2006NJSC Saragoza2-1
29.10.2005SC SaragozaNJ4-4
20.02.2005SC SaragozaNJ8-6
15.01.2005NJSC Saragoza2-4
06.11.2004SC SaragozaNJ12-4
17.01.2004SC SaragozaNJ2-2
15.11.2003NJSC Saragoza3-5

Top 5 scorers from SC Saragoza in these games

Emilia Heikinmäki1317+5=220 min
Annette Aittamäki612+3=150 min
Päivi Aittamäki119+4=130 min
Iida Laine74+4=80 min
Jenny Österåker92+5=70 min

Top 5 scorers from Nurmon Jymy in these games

Irene Viita85+3=82 min
Kaisa Kohtamäki77+1=80 min
Reeta Malkamäki70+6=62 min
Kaisa Lähdesmäki92+4=60 min
Sinikka Tekoniemi42+1=30 min

Pictures from the last game between SC Saragoz and Nurmon Jymy, photo by Risto Nyholm.

During the years SC Saragoza and KauWi have faced eachother 12 times, out of these SC Saragoza has won 7, tied 2 and lost 3. Here below links to the scoresheets, with the latest game on top.

23.01.2016SC SaragozaKauWi2-1
25.10.2015KauWiSC Saragoza1-1
05.01.2014SC SaragozaKauWi3-3
15.12.2013KauWiSC Saragoza4-2
24.01.2010KauWiSC Saragoza1-2
24.10.2009SC SaragozaKauWi4-0
27.09.2009KauWiSC Saragoza3-0
24.02.2008KauWiSC Saragoza4-6
09.12.2007KauWiSC Saragoza0-4
24.11.2007SC SaragozaKauWi4-3
10.03.2007SC SaragozaKauWi1-3
14.01.2007KauWiSC Saragoza1-3

Top 5 scorers from SC Saragoza in these games

Iida Laine107+4=110 min
Jessica Bårdsnes75+3=80 min
Linda Dahlmars112+3=52 min
Jessica Hietikko41+2=30 min
Caroline Rönnqvist42+1=30 min

Top 5 scorers from KauWi in these games

Emmi Tietäväinen75+2=70 min
Elina Alapiha112+3=50 min
Riikka Muurimäki94+1=50 min
Katja Kankaansyrjä94+1=52 min
Miia-Maria Halmesmäki50+1=10 min

Pictures from the last game against KauWi can be found here.

Standings, stats, scores from earlier games and coming games can be found from here.