One point for the men’s team

The men’s team home games treated the audience with loads of goals and a lot of entertaining happenings. Unfortunately the end result was not as good as in the first two games, but the opponents were also far better. Again a couple of players found themselves on the injuried list, and two lines was all that the team could play, when Mika Kangasniemi (upper body), Nico-Petteri Saarela (lower body) and Johan Nordgren (lower body) were scratched due to injuries. Milo continued to mind the net, Mats and Peter L formed one of the two defensive pairs and Jens, Söddin and Ricke one of two attacking lines. Rasse and Kim formed the second defensive pair, while Jonatan, Henrik and Jani formed the second attacking line. The game got off to a very intensive start when SS Paitsio scored already in the first shift. The game was pretty physical and from time to time a bit ugly.

SC Saragoza defended well and the counter-attacks were extremely well performed. This led to a scenario where the home team could extend their lead to something that seemed solid. At the same time SS Paitsio played very well and moved both players and ball in a swift manner. Goal by goal the home team lead was consumed, and at the end SS Paitsio could overtake the home team. Henrik got the last words in the first game, but was denied by the goalkeeper assisted by the referee. SS Paitsio took the points, final score 7-6. The scoresheet can be found here. Risto Nyholm took a couple of pics and they can be found from Risto’s facebook-pages, link here below.

SS Paitsio shot the game and the clip can be found on SC Saragoza’s Youtube-channel, link here below.

In the second game of the day, last years opponents Sparta manned the opposite side of the pitch. During last season Sparta was the stronger of the two teams, and the closest the home team got was a draw. A slight modification to the lines was also done. Jonatan and Mats swapped positions. Milo continued in goal, defenders Peter L and Jonatan, Kim and Rasse, lines Jens, Söddin and Ricke, Mats, Henrik and Jani. The entertaining game offered the spectators 18 goals and quite a few ups and downs for both teams. The home team can enjoy the fact that they came from three goals behind to even out the score in the last minutes. The scoresheet can be found here. Kristian Enlund took a couple of pics, links below.

The series continues in Kaskinen on the 6.11, the men’s team faces the home team Vikings and FBC Asteroids.

All the scores, standings and stats can be found here.