Two new wins for the men’s team

The men’s team collected two new wins and four points from the last tournament, played last Sunday in Vaasa. Due to the amount of injuried players, our youth team got to contribute to the roster when Niilo Hanka and Jesse Hietikko made their debute with the men’s team. With two attacking lines and three defenders the tactics were quite clear, let the ball do most of the work.

Occasionally this was also realized, at least in the first game against Mousetrap. Without a few black minutes in the second period, the result could have been even uglier.

SC Saragoza – Mousetrap 12-4

In the second game FC Brändöpojkarna, with former Saragozaplayers Jonatan Grönroos, Ville Siljamäki and Jarkko Harju, put a lot of pressure on the narrow squad. The game was decided in the last 10 minutes when SC Saragoza could produce a comeback from two goals behind (3-5) and turnaround the games with four unanswered goals. The final minutes both teams managed to score once, and Ville Siljamäki might ponder what would have happened had he not hit the post with his shot in the final minute.

FC Brändöpojkarna – SC Saragoza 6-8

All in all, a solid performance by the team. Milo had one of his better days and produced at least a couple of gamesavers in our weak moments. Both Kim (4+1) and Ricke (5+5) had one-of-those-days, and this brought a lot of confidence also for the rest of the team.