The men’s team plays in Botniahalli Arena on Saturday

This Saturday the eight tournament of the season is played in Botniahalli Arena in Mustasaari. In their first game (start at 14:00) the men’s team face Mousetrap, and in their second game (starts at 16:00) FC Brändöpojkarna.

During the years SC Saragoza and Mousetrap have faced each other 5 times in the Finnish Floorball Federation facilitated series. Out of these SC Saragoza has won 4 games, 1 game has ended in a tie and 0 have ended with Mousetrap victories. Below you’ll find links to the scoresheets, last game on top.

27.11.2016SC SaragozaMousetrap12-4
02.10.2016MousetrapSC Saragoza3-6
05.03.2016SC SaragozaMousetrap7-5
23.01.2016MousetrapSC Saragoza3-8
22.11.2015SC SaragozaMousetrap5-5

Top 5 scorers from SC Saragoza in these games

Richard Lähteenmäki34+7=110 min
Lassi Lähdesmäki34+4=82 min
Jani Korpi55+2=70 min
Peter Söderlund33+4=70 min
Mats Backlund52+5=72 min

Top 5 scorers from Mousetrap in these games

Jonas Asplund41+5=60 min
Markus Tauriainen33+2=52 min
Kaj Aaltonen34+0=42 min
Tomas Lepistö33+1=40 min
Tommi Raudasoja40+4=40 min

SC Saragoza has faced FC Brändöpojkarna 5 times in the series facilitated by the Finnish Floorball Federation. Out of these games, SC Saragoza has won 5. Below you’ll find links to the scoresheets from these games.

27.11.2016FC BrändöpojkarnaSC Saragoza6-8
02.10.2016SC SaragozaFC Brändöpojkarna6-2
13.03.2016FC BrändöpojkarnaSC Saragoza2-8
28.02.2016SC SaragozaFC Brändöpojkarna7-4
22.11.2015FC BrändöpojkarnaSC Saragoza4-7

Top 5 scorers from SC Saragoza in these games

Mats Backlund54+5=94 min
Jani Korpi57+1=80 min
Henrik Hakala45+1=64 min
Richard Lähteenmäki24+2=60 min
Peter Söderlund33+3=62 min

Top 5 scorers from FC Brändöpojkarna in these games

Tomi Raunio41+4=52 min
Timo Mäenpää53+1=40 min
Ville Siljamäki51+3=42 min
Tony Johansson33+0=30 min
Kim Söderman41+2=30 min

Scores, standings, coming games and statistics can be found from this page.