The company tournament schedule – SCS Open 2019

Once again it is time for the annual company floorball tournament. This year – after a ten year break we decided to call it SCS Open again. This autumn we play by these rules (in addition to the rules by the Finnish Floorball Federation):

  • 4 field players + goalkeeper simultaneously on the field.
  • One registered adult male player allowed per team No registered players older than 20 years (no limits for u-20, goalkeepers nor ladies)
  • 2 x 12 minutes rolling time.
  • All teams face eachother twice, after that a short playoff is played where the first team in the standings faces the fourth team and the second team faces the third team. The winners in these semifinals play each other in a final.
  • The tournament fee/referee fee 30 € is paid either in cash or to the account (FI43 4730 7020 0090 92) prior to the first game.

All scores, standings and other information is found on the tournament page.


21.10.201920:10Itäpuolen Erikoiset – BR Oilers4-7
21.10.201920:40SB Hirvet Metsä Board – Old Steel Gym3-6
21.10.201921:10Kärpäset – Itäpuolen Erikoiset5-4
28.10.201920:10BR Oilers – SB Hirvet Metsä Board11-1
28.10.201920:40Old Steel Gym – Kärpäset2-7
28.10.201921:10BR Oilers – Itäpuolen Erikoiset5-1
04.11.201920:10SB Hirvet Metsä Board – Kärpäset2-4
04.11.201920:40Old Steel Gym – BR Oilers1-6
04.11.201921:10Itäpuolen Erikoiset – SB Hirvet Metsä Board4-5
11.11.201920:10Kärpäset – SB Hirvet Metsä Board5-2
11.11.201920:40BR Oilers – Old Steel Gym6-3
11.11.201921:10Itäpuolen Erikoiset – Kärpäset3-8
18.11.201920:10Old Steel Gym – Itäpuolen Erikoiset3-3
18.11.201920:40Kärpäset – BR Oilers0-4
18.11.201921:10SB Hirvet Metsä Board – Itäpuolen Erikoiset2-5
25.11.201920:10Old Steel Gym – SB Hirvet Metsä Board6-1
25.11.201920:40BR Oilers – Kärpäset6-2
25.11.201921:10Itäpuolen Erikoiset – Old Steel Gym4-6
02.12.201920:10Kärpäset – Old Steel Gym4-1
02.12.201920:40SB Hirvet Metsä Board – BR Oilers0-5
09.12.201920:10BR Oilers – Old Steel Gym3-2 vl
09.12.201920:40Kärpäset – Itäpuolen Erikoiset5-4 vl
09.12.201921:10BR Oilers – Kärpäset4-3