One win and one loss for the men’s team in Kaskinen

The men’s team played two games last Saturday in Kaskinen and against the same opponents as in the last tournament played in Kaskinen, Royal Mela and Sparta. Both teams belong to the top teams in the division and last time Saragoza lost to both of them. This time the men’s team managed to beat Royal Mela with 5-2 but lost to Sparta with 7-10.

The line-ups in the games: Jarno (minded the net against Royal Mela) and Emilio (goalie in the Spartagame). Defence: Johan Nordgren, Kim Hammarberg (2 min) and Peter Lassfolk (1+1, 2 min). Offensive lines: Lassi Lähdesmäki (5+0), Mats Backlund (1+3) and Peter Söderlund (1+2) and Jani Korpi (0+1), Rasmus Pihlaja (3+0) and Nico-Petteri Saarela (1+3).

The game against Royal Mela was dominated by the men’s team and especially in the last two periods Saragoza could control the turn of events. Royal Mela opened the scoring in the 10th minute of the game, right after Lasu’s penalty was over. Nico opened the scoring for the men’s team when he and Jani managed to intercept one of RM’s opening plays. In the middle of the second period Lassi scored his first of the day assisted by Mats. About 10 seconds prior to the second intermission Söddin managed to redirect a free shot from Mats. In the third period Lassi scored twice, assisted by Söddin. Royal Mela cut the lead to three, with one minute remaining, but could not increase their scoring despite pulling their goalie with one minute left of the game.

A link to the scoresheet can be found here.

The game against Sparta was low in tempo but at the same time filled with incorrect pushing and hitting. Sparta executed their game plan excellently and could time after time counter attack and score.

Emilio had to face a lot of odd man attacks and could not prevent the Sparta-attackers from scoring.

On the upside, the men’s team did not roll over, and Rasmus and Nico found each other quite well in this game. Lasu managed to open his scoring for the season and added an assit to that.

The link to the scoresheet is here.

The next tournament will be played this Saturday in the legendary Kauppis in Vaasa.

Scores, standings and stats can be found here.