One win – and one loss – for the women’s team

Nine straight wins, that would probablye be the new club record for the women’s team who hadn’t lost since the 7th of November last autumn. This time it wasn’t SB Kauhajoki who defeated SC Saragoza, instead it was the hosting team of Saturday’s tournament, PaSu from Töysä who defeated the women’s team.

At the same time SB Kauhajoki lost a point in their game against Nibacos, and KauWi now only one point behind the two top teams won both of their games. The season ends in Kaskinen on the 19th of March, where SB Kauhajoki faces KauWi and Jalas. KauWi also plays against FBC Remix while SC Saragoza faces Nurmon Jymy II and Nibacos II. The two first teams will play in the second division next year.

The game against SB Kauhajoki was – as usual – not really providing any beautiful plays and passing rallies but instead a hard battle. The lineup: Josefine goalie, Milla and Satu paired up as defenders and Amanda and Maria likewise. Tre centerforwards alternated: Cecilia, Päivi and Linda, while Iida (1+1) and Emilia (1+1) and Susanne and Pauliina played as attackers.

The scoresheet is here.

The game against the home team was as it usually has been, quite highscoring and difficult. PaSu’s counterattacks decided the game early in the third period. In order to be completely honest, PaSu could have scored a couple of goals more early on in the game, the posts and bar saved the women’s team several times. The lineup lived a bit: Josefine continued as goalie (and had – for the first time – allow more than two goals in a game), Milla, Satu, Amanda and Maria continued as defenders while Päivi, Linda and Cecila (1+0) alternated on the centerforward position. Linda also paired up with Nina as one attacking pair while Iida (2+0) and Emilia (0+2), Susanne (0+1) and Pauliina continued as in the first game.

The scoresheet is here.

Scores, standings and stats can all be found here.