Two solid wins for the women’s team

The women’s team season started last Sunday in Nurmo. In the first game we faced a dear old friend, PaSu, Pallosuharit from Töysä. In this first tournament of the season the women’s team managed to fill two full lines in the lineup and Mia Koski-Träskvik assumed the goalie position as our regular goalies could not attend. The lines: Nina Sydholm (1+0), Emilia Heikinmäki (2+2) and Iida Laine (4+1) with the defenders Jessica Hietikko (0+1) and Linda Dahlmars and Susanne Öström (1+0), Päivi Aittamäki (1+0) and Pauliina Mäkelä (1+1) with the defenders Satu Dahlgren and Milla Perkiö (1+0).

We did not need to wait long for the first goal of the season, already in the first shift Emppo set Iida up and Iida scored. No eyebrowes raised when that happened… PaSu left their legs in the bus and did not produce any scoring chanses at all in the first period, and Päivi could – in her comeback game – extend the lead to 2-0, assisted by Pauliina.

In the second period PaSu got their legs going and created a few scoring opportunities. On one of these they also cut SC Saragoza’s lead in half after 21 minutes. At the end of the second period Iida scored again and when Pauliina scored in the first minutes of the third period the game was practically over.

Iida completed her hattrick and the rest of the game was all about preserving stamina and resting before the second game of the day, and even if PaSu reduced the lead, we could comfortably control the game.

The scoresheet can be found here.

In the second game of the day we faced Himangan Pallo (HiPa), a team relegated from the second division and that SC Saragoza had last faced in February 2010. Then it ended with a unnecessarily large defeat and you could really tell that none of the women were letting that happen again. We did not get as good a start as in the first game, but still managed to open the scoring when Emppo, in the tenth minute managed to bow her way in before the crease and place the ball in the net. No assist credited on this, a phenomenon that would characterize this game. Approximately one and a half minutes later Nina accelerated on her left side, tried to set Iida up with a pass that got deflected and ended up on the blade of Nina’s stick. No-one had time to react when she pulled the trigger and started celebrating the 2-0 goal. A decent soloraid by a very hardworking Nina, her forechecking caused problems for the HiPa defense time after time.

In the beginning of the second period Milla fired a lazer from distance and the score was 3-0. This might have caused some backs to straighten in the women’s team and we let HiPa back into the game. Poor defending in our defensive zone led to 3-1, and a counter attack with 3 against 1 led to 3-2, when the winger from HiPa fortunately managed to squeeze the ball through Mia’s legs. 3-3 came with six seconds left of the second period and the coach found himself raising his voice a bit in the break.

In the third period, our girls got their legs back and their passing back and left HiPa no chanses, as Emppo scored within the first two minutes. Setup by Iida. In the end of the third period both Iida and Sussu managed to score and the final score comfortable 6-3.

The scoresheet can be found here.

The season continues 25.10 when Saragoza’s women’s team faces Nurmon Jymy and the early leader KauWi.


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