The men’s team defeated Mousetrap and tied against Sparta

The men’s team managed to collect three points from the two games they played on Saturday in Vaasa.

The lineup from the games: Jarno Timonen (goalie against Mousetrap) and Emilio Lassfolk (goalie against Sparta) and as defenders Peter Söderlund (1+1) and Mats Backlund (0+2), Johan Nordgren (2 min) and Kim Hammarberg. As centerforwards: Rasmus Pihlaja, Henrik Hakala (2+0) and Richard Lähteenmäki (0+3). The wingers paired up as per following: Lassi Lähdesmäki (1+2, 2 min) and Jani Korpi (1+0) as one pair and Nico-Petteri Saarela (2+2, 2 min) and Mika Kangasniemi (4+0) as the other.

The men’s team defended very well in both games and had obviously learned its lesson since last week in Kaskinen. When the goalies both did some real gamesavers and the team managed to create a lot of scoring opportunities one can state that you can be quite satisfied with the way the games were played.

The series continues on the 6th of February in the Botniahall arena when the men’s team faces FC Brändöpojkarna and Adonis.

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